Hello Friends,

2021 was a super year for all who came to Christmas Land to ride the Christmas Land Express. Your donation to ride went to Make A Wish Foundation of Northeast New York. Many of you celebrated your birthday in our new Seeds of Endless Hope building. Everyone worked so hard to make the Christmas Land experience a wonderful one during challenging times. Thank you to all you came out and ordered our famous cookies!! The elves so enjoy making these for everyone especially for Santa!!

The elves took note of all the fun being had and created some exciting new attractions for 2022.  Our dining room will be reopened this year for folks to enjoy their wood stove pizza and other treats as well as listening to local musicians.  Talented local authors will be visiting Frosty’s Reading Room for book signings and reading of newly created books. Our Christmas Land Store will be adding additional artisans who are so excited to have their hand-made products for sale for you all.

Santa let all the elves know the story of growing up in Germany as a little boy and the secret room that was decorated in his house only to be visited on Christmas Eve.  It would be a total surprise when he entered and would never know what to expect. This led Santa to the North Pole with the assignment of delivering toys to kids all around the world. The elves listened intently to Santa and are elated to bring this magical experience to Christmas Land with our newest RED building, Santa’s Workshop, added right in the Christmas Land Village. Families will receive a personal visit with Santa and a photo taken with him. Santa is so pleased to have his own Workshop. The elves are also setting aside a place in the woods for his reindeer to relax when he is visiting with the kids.

On your way to Santa’s Workshop, don’t forget to stop by Mrs. Claus Bakery for those famous Christmas Land Cookies, and then cross over Gum Drop Crossing to the Town of Gingerbread.  Who wouldn’t want to spend some time in a Gingerbread House!!!  Our lead wood crafter elf created these playhouses and our newest elf decorated them with love and joy. Both elves are jumping for joy and so excited for the kids to see them!

Your Frankie the Train ride this year will feature some exciting new scenes made with love by our elf. We are very excited to see her creations. She is so creative and is working tirelessly to be ready for you all.

This is our 7th year and we couldn’t be more excited to bring you new attractions and magical surprises. Santa says hello and reminds you his mailbox will be on the porch of his workshop to drop off your letters! See you all soon!! Until then, spread love and joy!!

Michelle Annese & Paula Tambasco