Hello Friends!

Our 2020 season even though during the challenging times of COVID-19 was one of sheer joy and magic. One thing Christmas Land strives to do is keep spreading joy and hope to all children and families. We closed out 2020 with an engagement on our Ginorma sled during the most beautiful winter sunset with a few snowflakes to bless the young couple. It was not only a surprise to the betrothed but to all our guests who cheered them on. May you have a life of love and peace, sweet couple.

Kids enjoyed our Ginorma sleigh and reindeer which marked the focal point on our village in the making. The season had quite a snowstorm over three feet providing the best “King of the Mountain” games and pathways. It was truly a joy to see all the kids playing in the snow as the fire crackled and lots of Christmas Land cutouts were enjoyed! Did I say wood stove pizza!! Our elves were so happy to cook pizza for folks as they took in the Christmas air and all its offerings.

The elves received a huge surprise as the season was in full swing. A local Christmas Park that was started in memory of terminally ill children was ending and donated its items to Christmas Land. The Park has many lights and shed buildings and a very large train. The elves have been busy all summer gathering the donated items to make the Christmas Land Village come alive in 2021. Born is the Christmas Land Express, a full-size train holding up to 30 adults and children. All rides are donation only and will go to Make a Wish and Seeds of Endless Hope. There are no elves like the Christmas Land elves, Paul and Darrell and Rich just helping tirelessly bring the Christmas Land Village to life.

We hope you are not only surprised this season, but touched by all we have done to create our original vision of spreading hope, love and joy. As we enter our 6th year, the magic is just beginning to unfold. Santa looks forward to seeing all your smiling faces. I am sure you are all behaving and growing leaps and bounds. See you soon!!!!

Michelle Annese & Paula Tambasco

John and Suzanne DeVito