Ben Barrowman is the creator, author, and self-publisher of the Parmesan Pig Children’s Book Series. It all started in 2015 when his daughter invented a character, Parmesan Pig, among other food-animal characters. Feeling compelled to give them stories about friendship and values, he wrote several books over the years. In 2022, he officially published the first two books in the series. Professionally, Ben works for Policy Research Associates, in Bethlehem, NY – the same town where he was raised and still resides. He works with Veteran organizations across the country to address the behavioral health needs of military, Veterans, and their families. This profession deals with themes of wellness, mental and behavioral health, and peer support – all of which are core elements throughout the series. Ben is married to Lauren, an elementary school teacher, who also grew up in Bethlehem. They have two children, Connor and Jane. You will routinely catch him on the sidelines of a sporting event. Lastly, Ben lives with Type-1 Diabetes, prioritizing exercise and healthy living habits.